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Studying for your ATPL’s can seem an uphill and lonely battle, particularly if you are distance learning or struggling to keep up in a class. Despite all the modern learning tools and techniques some people prefer being guided on an individual basis with tuition directly tailored to their requirements, both in terms of time and subject material.

This is where I can help you, like many before. Instruction can be arranged at a mutually convenient time (including weekends) and is usually run from a Midlands location.   Free transport to and from Birmingham Airport or Birmingham International (NEC) station can be arranged.

Contact me NOW to discuss your particular training requirements.

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General Navigation Topics

  • Triangle of Velocities
  • Navigational Computer (CRP-5)
  • Variation & Deviation (CDMVT)
  • The Earth – Latitude & Longitude
  • Convergency & Departure
  • UTC, Standard & Local time
  • One in Sixty Rule
  • Distance, Speed & Time
  • Rates of Descent
  • Charts & Scale
  • Basic RNav essential for GNav
  • Plotting
  • Relative Bearings
    To book your tuition please contact me directly and arrange a suitable date.  I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

    Spring 2019 has continued to see a steady demand for individual tuition from both full time integrated students and the usual distance learning clients.

    The last six months saw a significant increase in the number of students coming to see me for individual tuition towards their CPL/ATPLs. This is mostly in the area of General Navigation for both for fixed wing and rotary pilots.   One student recently achieved 97% in GN.

    NB. Any tuition done with me is in addition & separate to the course provided by your FTO. You shall still have to complete their minimum hour and course attendance requirements and be signed off by them to take your examinations.

    A Day Course costs £270 (no vat), discounts may be available for multiple bookings.  Payment to be made via bank transfer in advance, a formal invoice will be issuedApril 2019.

    Contact   T : 0121 733 3104   M : 07947 600 345   E : richard@atplnavigation.com